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An Oscilliscope on Acid” for Unix

CthughaNix is a port of Cthugha, one of the first (and still best) audio visualization tools available. While we are currently focusing on improving the Unix source port, other versions can be found in the links below, though at this time they are not in active development. We are currently looking for new developers of all kinds, so if interested, please contact us. Currently it requires x-windows and mpg123 (or mpg321) to work. The OpenGL and svgalib versions are being worked on, and future version may be made available for other display systems. Stay tuned.

CthughaNix has been tested on Solaris and Linux on x86/x86_64. Other little endian systems and UNIX operating systems will probably work, but if not please let us know on the sourceforge bug tracker. Big endian systems are not working yet, but this is our number one priority.

CthughaNix is licensed under the LGPL, which means you can use it as a plugin or linked module in any media player (or other software application), with the restriction that you must distribute back changes to the source provided here. For details, see the LGPL license.

Short Term Goals

Improve portability (especially support Big Endian systems).

Mid Term Goals

Increase fine-grained resolution.

Optimize for the Cell processor (Playstation 3) and possibly other systems.

Develop plugins for various media players. If you are a media player developer please let us know if you are interested.

Write a new cross-platform display interface (probably using SDL).

Long Term Goals

Add more effects and continue to optimize Cthugha.

Native ports to non-Unix systems; remove unixisms and add cross-platform alternatives


For downloads, please visit the sourceforge downloads page, or for the latest source, the CVS page. Note that we do not currently distribute binaries in the hopes of finding more compile time bugs. If the issue can't be resolved quickly, we will gladly build binaries for you if your system is supported. If your system isn't supported, keep in mind our goal is to support as many systems as possible, starting with UNIX systems and then other POSIX compliant systems. If you patch CthughaNix to work on your system, please let us know!

Current Developers and Maintainers:

Brandon Barker

Xueyi Martin Yao

Authors and Past Developers:

Kevin "Zaph" Burfitt - author of the original PC/DOS version of Cthugha (aka CTHUGHA), as well as the new Windows95 version entitled Cthugha97.

Rus Maxham – author of the Mac Classic version

Deischinger Harald – author of Cthugha-L, the original linux port of Cthugha and jcthugha, a java implementation.

Other Links of Interest:

Official Cthugha Homepage

Cthugha-L – the port that CthughaNix is primarily based off of.